Edgebanding FAQ

Q.) What is the minimum order?

A.) We offer 1 roll minimum orders (500 feet each roll)

Q.) Do I need an edgebanding machine to use this real wood edgebanding tape?

A.) Yes, the real wood edgebanding products we utilize are called "auto" or "automatic" tape, because the glue is added by the edgebanding machine. No, we also have customers to whom we supply a finished, pre-glued edgebanding real wood tape product.

Q.) What are the specifications of the real wood edgebanding tape?

A.) Tape is 7/8" wide; each roll is 500 feet.

Q.) What is the typical lead time once an order is placed?

A.) You can expect a 10 working day turn around (not including shipping) on orders of 1-25 rolls. Lead times for 26 rolls or more will be quoted at time of order.

Q.) What shipping methods/costs are used?

A.) Normal shipping is ground, with an average delivery time of 2-3 days. Cost varies by region, but averages between $15-$17.50 per roll. Overnight shipping is available at an increased charge.

Q.) What if I need the edgebanding tape sooner than 10 days?

A.) We offer two expedited turn around options. With Blue Code processing, our facility will process your order in 7 working days. There is a 25% markup with Blue Code. With Red Code processing, our facility will process your order in 5 working days. There is a 50% markup with Red Code.

Q.) How do I pay for the real wood edgebanding tape?

A.) First time orders will be shipped COD. After first time orders, you can contact our credit department to establish an account. We do not accept credit cards.

Q.) How do I ensure a good color match?

A.) Most woods vary slightly from roll to roll with graining and color. TCM offers a 90 degree color match, as compared to customer provided sample.

* Lead times are affected by the receipt date of customer provided samples.

Q.) Do you match Conestoga Finishes?

A.) Yes, we match ALL Conestoga finishes. If you have additional questions on our Conestoga products, please feel free to email us. Please note, all stains and glazes on our order form are those used by Conestoga.